Are Your Affairs in Order? If Not, Call an Estate Attorney Right Away.

Are Your Affairs in Order? If Not, Call an Estate Attorney Right Away.

See how Jeffrey Fleming helps Olney, IL residents prepare for the future

For over 40 years, Jeffrey Fleming has been providing legal guidance to residents who are preparing for uncertain futures. He's a practicing estate attorney in Olney, IL, so he can help you draft a will, establish a power of attorney and understand the tax implications of your decisions.

Talk to attorney Fleming about your affairs-call 618-395-8491 today to make an appointment.

Start planning right away

It's a good idea to think ahead before discussing your affairs with an estate attorney in Olney, IL. Start by considering these questions:

  • How do you want to divvy up your assets? Attorney Fleming will write a will that outlines which of your beneficiaries will receive your car, house, cash, sentimental items and other assets.
  • Who do you trust to make decisions on your behalf? Establishing a power of attorney will ensure that your financial and medical wishes are honored.
  • Do you anticipate a major life event in the near future? You should update your will after the birth or death of a family member, a marriage or divorce or an out-of-state relocation.

Jeffrey Fleming will listen to your wishes and create a customized plan for you and your family. Get in touch with attorney Fleming by calling 618-395-8491 today.